Sean O’Brien Stoneworks

Sean O’Brien Marble & Stoneworks, is situated in Durrow, Co. Laois. The O’Brien family has been sculpting monuments and headstones in Durrow for over ninety years. During that time, we have been responsible for serving 1000s of bereaved families, and the quality of our stonework has won international renown. Sean OBrien is a fifth generation


Ancestry Sean O’Brien of Sean O’Brien Marble & Stone Works, works as a professional stonecutter, helping to restore Old Headstones or Memorials that may have fallen into a state of disrepair, restoring them to their original state, helping to preserve their own unique history, of town names and people of generations gone by.

Miniature Celtic Cross

Miniature Celtic Cross

Sean O’Brien Stone Works Miniature Celtic Cross Available from Sean O’Brien Marble & Stone Works, is this miniature Celtic Cross memorial piece. We supply all type of Celtic Crosses and Headstones, and can add new Inscriptions. Please note that the inscription has been removed from these pictures, as a mark of respect.