Ancestry: Sean O’Brien of Sean O’Brien Marble & Stone Works, works as a professional stonecutter, helping to restore Old Headstones or Memorials that may have fallen into a state of disrepair, restoring them to their original state, helping to preserve their own unique history, of town names and people of generations gone by.

Old headstones in burial grounds, cemeteries and churchyards in Ireland, are in their own right, a great source of history, about generations of people, who have gone to their eternal rest.

Some fine examples of headstones in Old Churches and Churchyards in Ireland are St.Canice’s, Kilkenny, Rock of Cashel, Co.Tipperary, Clonmacnoise, Co.Offaly, Moone Co.Kildare, St. Mullins, Co. Carlow and Aghaboe Abbey, Co. Laois.

Generations of people, who lived in Ireland, and are now deceased, are recorded on family headstones, which helps to form a historical record of people and towns lands of yore. Old headstones in churches and churchyards in Ireland are a major source of information to people, whose ancestor’s left Ireland in the 1800’s to find a better way of life in England, Scotland, Wales, United States of America, and all corners’ of the world.

To assist our returning emigrants in discovering their family roots or helping them to form a family tree of past generations. Headstones in churches, cemeteries, burial grounds, graveyards and churchyards sometimes are their only source of information.

Keeping your family headstone in good condition, and inscriptions clearly visible not only helps to remember your loved ones, but will also help future generations to know and understand their family history.

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