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Grave Cleaning & Restoration – Laois, Leinster, Ireland

Grave Cleaning & Restoration

Sean O`Brien Marble & Stone Works

Sean O`Brien Marble & Stone Works offers grave cleaning and grave restoration services to people whos loved one’s headstone or memorial, for whatever reason, needs the services of professional stonecutter to bring it back to its original state. Modern lifestyles often mean that we either do not have the time, or live too far away, to maintain the last resting place of the dearly departed. We aim to give you peace of mind by cleaning & restoring of your loved one’s headstone or memorial your behalf, with the dignity, care and sensitivity that you would want.

Depending on what needs to be done, our grave cleaning and grave restoration service can include:

  • Re-lettering of old headstones.
  • Repainting of old inscriptions on old Headstones.
  • Adding of new inscriptions to old Headstones.
  • Re-moving and re-fitting of Headstones or Memorials on new foundations.
  • Repairing of old Headstone and Kerbing etc.
  • Cleaning of all stone work.
  • Sealing of old graves with concrete.
  • Supplying of all types of chippings.
  • Removing of old inscriptions and replace with new inscriptions.
  • Adding your love-ones pictures to old Headstones or Memorials.
  • Add inscriptions to form a family tree.
  • Adding of new inscriptions with leaded letters.
  • Repair to leaded letters of old inscriptions.
  • Re-fitting of old Headstone or Memorial, which are felled.
  • Re-placing of broken Headstones, Memorials, kerbing or Posts were necessary.
  • Re-seeding of grass were necessary.
  • Re-moving of old shrubs or trees were necessary.

We would be pleased to discuss any specific requirements that you may have. Be confident that when you contact us, you will be assured of a friendly and respectful service. As these services are tailored to your requirements, we cannot specify a price on the website, so feel free to contact us so that we can discuss your grave cleaning and grave restoration needs.

We can arrange for the work to be carried out and completed for a special occasion, such as an anniversary, a birthday or other important date.

Keeping your family headstone and grave in good condition not only will help to remember your loved ones but also will help generations to come to know and understand there families which have gone to their eternal rest before them.

Please contact us for our full range of grave cleaning services available.